• How do I return a garment I purchased through the website?

If you want to return a garment that you have purchased through the website, you have to send us that garment to our boutique in Piedmont, 10. Once we receive it, the amount of the garment will be refunded to you in full, but the shipping cost will be borne by you.

Beni Room
Piedmont Street, 10
Madrid 28004
  • How long does it take for an order to arrive?

From the moment you receive an email/SMS confirming that the garment is available, the order will arrive at the address indicated within 3-7 working days (if it is within the Peninsula).

For the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, 4-10 working days.

  • I have placed my order and it has not arrived yet, why?

If you have not received the confirmation email/SMS for 2 days since you placed your order, we will contact you.

This usually happens when the order is multi-product, and there may be one that takes a little longer to reach us than the rest, and we expect to have them all to ship. If you have not received any news from us, please send us a Whatsapp at (+34) 600 63 23 21 or email us infobeniroom@gmail.com

  • If a product comes out as sold out, are you going to bring it back?

It depends on the garment! Generally, if it comes out as sold out but we haven't removed the product, it's because we're going to replenish it. If you have any questions about a specific garment, you can consult us by Whatsapp without problem. This way you can leave us the data and we will notify you when we have the product again.

  • What are size maps like?
Size UK Talla Spain
 0 36
1 38
2 40
3 42