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One According to the legal notice issued in accordance with Article 10 of Law No. 34 / 2002 of 11 July 2002 on information society and e-commerce services, the following is the identification information of the owner of the website. Name: Beni room trade, s.l.c.i.f.: b-86983566 address: calle Claudio coello, 14 madid 28001 e-mail: Registration data: registration with the commercial registry of Madrid, Vol. 32299, Vol. 0, page 1, Section 8, page m 58364, register 1. Beni room trade, s.l. has a domain name and an address accessible website.。 Two Acceptance of conditions of use the purpose of this Clause (the "legal notice") is to regulate the use of this website made available to the public by Beni rum Trading Limited (the "holder") in this Uruguayan legal Gazette. The use of the website by a third party gives its user status and means that the user fully accepts all the conditions contained in this legal notice. Three Conditions of use of the website, the user undertakes to use the website in accordance with the law, this legal notice, other notices, use regulations and instructions issued to it, as well as recognized ethics and ethics and public order. Users are obliged to use the content promptly, correctly and legally, and in particular promise not to (a) use the content in a way that is contrary to the law, against generally accepted morality and morality or the purpose or result of public order; (b) copy, copy, distribute, allow public access to the content; and (b) publish the content on the Internet. (c) Change or modify the content through any form of public communication, unless authorized by the right holder or permitted by law; (c) delete, evade or tamper with "copyright" and other identifying materials. It is prohibited to spamming any form of advertising or commercial information directly or secretly without proper authorization. Similarly, it is prohibited to take any action on or through the website causing any damage to the system of the holder or third party. Any link to the content must be approved by the holder in advance, and its source can be identified through appropriate display. The use of such information on other websites requires explicit authorization. Four Exemption clause: the post holder may modify the information on his website, as well as the layout and arrangement of the website without prior notice. The post holder does not guarantee that the content of the website will not be interrupted or wrong, nor that the content of the website will be updated. However, the content of the website will be further improved. Efforts should be made to prevent, correct or update these measures as appropriate. The holder shall not be liable for direct or indirect damages, including damage to existing computer systems and virus input, caused by the use of Internet navigation required by the website. Through this means, all people promise not to make false advertisements. Therefore, for these purposes, errors in format or numbers that may be found in the contents of different sections of the document should not be regarded as misleading publication. notes These sections are due to incomplete or defective maintenance and / or updating of the information contained. As a result of this subsection, the holder undertakes: Once a mistake is found, correct it immediately. If the user violates any applicable rules in accessing this website and / or using the information contained in this website, the holder shall not be liable. No one is liable for damage of any nature caused or likely to be caused by the use of the information, the content of the website and the procedures contained in the website. The forum you want to post is a access The benefits and services that users receive from third parties are not and are not under the control of the owners, The user is not responsible for the information contained in it and any impact it may have. The end user is fully responsible for the user's use of the services, content, links and hypertext on the website. Five Intellectual property and industrial property rights. Unless otherwise specified, all website content is the exclusive right of the owner, and as an expression, it is not limited to graphic design, source code, logo, text, graphics, illustrations, photos and other contents on the website. Similarly, all trade names, logos or any logos on the website are protected by law. The holder shall not issue any type of personal use license or authorization to the user in respect of its intellectual property, industrial property rights or any other rights related to its website and the services provided on the website. As a result, users recognize that all or part of the content of this website is an infringement of its owner's intellectual and / or industrial property rights through any program for copying, distributing, marketing, converting, and generally any other form of utilization. Users can use the materials appearing on the website for personal and private use only. It is prohibited to use these materials for commercial purposes or engage in illegal activities. Articles 8 and 32.1 (2) of the dela leyde intellectual property law explicitly prohibit the reproduction, distribution and public dissemination of all or part of the content of this website for commercial purposes, including the manner in which such content is provided. Any support and any technical means are not authorized by the holder. The incumbents should ensure compliance with the above conditions, including the proper use of the content on their website and the initiation of appropriate civil and criminal proceedings against users for violations or non-compliance with these rights. Six In accordance with the organic law (lopd) No. 15 / 1999 of 13 December 1999 on the protection of personal data, we inform you that the personal data you provide through our e-mail contact and web forms, They will be treated in confidence and will become part of the automatic files of Beni room trade s.l., which are officially registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Contents (Continued) In accordance with the existing data protection regulations (lopd) and information society and e-commerce services regulations (lssice), users agree to include the data provided in the documents owned by Beni room trade. S. L. to facilitate the provision of child care services The required services (online sales) and expected delivery of bid information or other reasons for user / customer contact. In accordance with Law No. y34 / 2002 on corporate information and e-commerce services, the holder undertakes not to send unidentified commercial communications. For this purpose, information sent to the following customers and / or users shall be considered as commercial communications: 1. The purpose is to maintain the relationship between customers and / or users and holders and to perform reporting tasks, Report of the Secretary General *。 In any case, under the current personal data protection ordinance, all holders of personal data must keep all personal data collected and stored in their files confidential. Registered user store online: the website has a public area that anyone can enter and a private area, which can only be entered when users register in the online store; in this case, users must strictly keep secret. For this purpose: - access and password files used must be confidential, personal and non transferable. The responsibility of the password holder is how to use the password. -Users should not keep their access keys in readable form on accessible disks, paper, or any other form of support. Users will change their passwords in the following situations: if someone suspects that their security may be compromised. -As long as he is another user or suspects that he is. Therefore, users are obliged to notify the website administrator immediately Any fact leading to the misuse of identity features and / or passwords, such as theft, loss or unauthorized entry, Prior to reporting these facts, the holder is exempt from any liability that may arise from the improper use of the logo or password by an unauthorized third party. Consent for advertising purposes: you 2. Agree and explicitly authorize the holder to process his / her personal data in order to include his / her data in publicity activities initiated by him / her Http:// and Finally, it agreed to send commercial communications by any electronic means (telephone, fax, email), SMS, MMS, etc.) or non electronic means (ordinary mail, etc.) shall not be used, but their purpose is to maintain the relationship between customers and / or users and holders, perform information tasks and carry out other activities related to their services。 It can revoke its consent to the purpose of the advertisement according to the procedure stipulated in the exercise of the arc right. When you accept a data protection policy He said that he had informed him under Article 14. 5.1. Organic Law No. 15 / 1999 of 13 December 1999 on the protection of personal data stipulates that the processing of personal data requires the consent of the individual in order to achieve the above purposes, without prejudice to the exercise of the relevant arc rights or revocation of the consent expressed. The holder reserves the right to modify its privacy policy in its own judgment, or Reasons for changes in law, case law or business practice. If the holder makes changes, the new text will be published on the website, where users can learn about the current privacy policy.。

The applicant may, by registered letter or similar confirmation, exercise the right of inspection, correction, cancellation and objection to Beni room trade, s.l., calle Claudio coello, 14 madid 28001 or at the following address:。 The application form shall contain the name of the applicant, a copy of his / her identity card and, if admissible, a copy of the identity card of the person representing the applicant, the supporting documents of the representative, the specific description of the application and the address for the purpose of notification, 1. Date and signature of the applicant and supporting documents of the application. If the application does not meet the prescribed requirements, it must be corrected; with regard to the right of entry, it can only be refused if the applicant is not the individual concerned. There is no reward for the exercise of these rights.

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