¡Vuelven las botas estilo Cowboy!

Cowboy-inspired boots are back!

The Sendra brand boots are marking a milestone in the history of fashion. Each of them, made by hand, have their own style and make us remember the films of cowboys most important in the history of cinema. Boots and ankle boots are capable of elevating a style and making a look Go from neutral to bohemian and chic.

Debora Boots (325 €)

Black heeled boots and ankle boots are a favorite accessory for women celebrities, actresses and influencers Spanish, as is the case of Pilar Rubio and Paula Echevarría. The comfort, but at the same time the elegance that they bring to the look, make it the favorite footwear of the famous.

Pilar Rubio with Sendra boots

Paula Echevarría with Sendra ankle boots

Lia ankle boot (325 €)

Ankle boots and boots with colored designs, such as turquoise, and those with a flame shape are ideal to wear with a neutral look. By using this type of footwear, it is no longer necessary to add more accessories to the style. Each model provides a plusto the outfit final.

Flame boot. Lia (325 €)


Olimpia Boot (325 €)

Golden booty. Lia (€ 279)

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