Spectacular guests in Beni Room

Today we present the keys to being the perfect guest this spring. No matter if your event is day, night, in the countryside or in the city, from Beni Room we have come to help you. #A all color! Don't be afraid to risk, color is trending, and it can be one of your best allies, as we'll teach you below: UMA Multicolored Amateur Dress. ($225) Dime Romeo dress available in three COLORS TOKYO. (265o) Yellow Mioh dress. Amber. (289o) #El blazer dress, the garment of the moment. Sophisticated, practical and captivating. Amateur Orange Dress LIA. ($185) Mioh CORAL vest dress. (219o) #Sí floral prints Are a success this season, a safe bet, a great choice for a country wedding, or to give a fresh touch to a more cosmopolitan wedding. Blue Mioh dress. Aquamarine. ($209) Mioh print dress. Fluorite. (219o) Mioh stamped flower dress. Turquoise. (245o) Mioh embroidered dress. Quartz. (289o) Mioh asymmetrical ruffle dress. Opal. (185o) Blue Embroidered Mioh Dress. Lapis lazuli. (269o) Mioh flowers kimono dress. Jade. (219o) #El vintage style does not go out of style With steamy sleeves, details such as shoulder pads, soft and moving falls, this style is on the list of the basics of an elegant and sophisticated guest. Dime Romeo dress. Available in two colours. Margarita. (405o)   And you, what kind of guest are you?   Beni Room.

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